Eat what you want! In moderation…

So you will come across people that will tell you that you need to eat “clean” in order to lose weight or build muscle or whatever. But the people that preach this “clean” eating can’t even give a definition of what clean foods are. Is there one? No, and it has yet to be defined by anyone. Don’t let somebody tell you that you can’t eat your favorite food whether its pizza, or pasta or whatever! They’re wrong and don’t understand the simplest concept of calories in versus calories out. This is a little thing called IIFYM (If it fits your macros).

The basic concept behind IIFYM is that as long as you are eating the amount of calories that you need for your desired goal, you can eat just about any food you want. I am a bodybuilder and I do compete and even I get away with eating my pizza a few times a week and still maintain 5% body fat. I naturally LOVE food, so when I see people cutting their calories drastically and ultimately causing metabolic damage I can’t help but wish they did their research. Instead of lowering the amount of food, people need to start out working the amount of calories they eat. I can actually lose weight eating 4000 calories a day because I keep my workouts intense. Once you become leaner, it is so much easier to eat junk foods and not gain body fat.

Now what you eat depends on the breakdown. For example say I got 1200 calories from protein, 1500 from carbs and 900 from fat. That’s 3600 total. Now it doesn’t make a difference if you get those numbers from fish chicken and veggies, or steak, potatoes and cheese. The macros are the same. Now some people would disagree and say, “Oh really? So i can eat 3600 calories of sugar one month and then 3600 calories of protein the next month and I’ll yield the same results? I don’t think so.” , Well no shit you can’t eat 3600 calories of sugar vs protein because sugar is going to affect your insulin and blood sugar levels duh, don’t be ridiculous.

The point of this is that your body doesnt know the difference between foods and it isn’t going to reject a certain food and say, “sorry I’m going to have to turn this slice of pizza into fat!”. Doesnt work that way. As long as you are burning more calories than you are eating then you don’t have to worry about gaining fat.


Hope this helps clear some things up for beginners. Happy training!


Tilapia? I’ll pass!!!

~Food Spoiler~

I got a fun fact that you might all find very interesting!

Wether it comes to training principles or nutrition, I always look to science to give me the answers. Follow Layne Norton if you want REAL science and REAL answers.

For all of you that LOVE Tilapia and for all of you that use Tilapia as their number one protein source cutting for competition….you might wanna think again before buying that frozen crap. I just read a very interesting article about Tilapia and the TRUTH!

This Tilapia that you’re buying in stores isn’t even a real fish. They’re farm raised fish that eat the shit off the bottom of the floor just like a catfish. Whats the real reason we even eat fish? It’s for the health benefits of them omega fatty acids right? Well these farm raised fish don’t even have the omega fatty acids! So you are basically eating a shit fish. They do have a real catch Tilapia, but its such a small number that it would be way to expensive to sell; so they just raise tons and tons of this shit fish and have you eat it. I fell victim to eating only Tilapia for contest prep and after a couple years I am just not learning that I wasted my time with it and I am here to help all of you not waste your time.

In my opinion, skip on the Tilapia and get off the wagon. Here is the article if interested….

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Spot Reduction Weightloss

~Training Misconception~

Have you ever been around your family and friends and once they hear you talking about losing weight or going to the gym, they all suddenly become fitness experts and start giving you advice? Ya, I been there too.

One of the BIGGEST and most ridiculous thing I hear over and over again is spot reduction. SO DUMB! I have been learning about fitness for 6 years and I have yet to find a study or miracle workout that allows for this. I’ve heard it again and again and again: “If you want to lose weight on your legs all you have to do is squats” or ” If you want abs just do some crunches and the fat comes off”. This is all bullshit.

Sure, you can target muscles and build them, but you cannot pick a body-part and remove fat by working it out. Fat loss only occurs in a calorie deficit. If you want your Ab’s to be seen, then remove that fat by a proper nutrition plan and exercise routine that doesn’t revolve around that body-part. You could do 1000 sit ups and if you are fat, YOU AREN’T GOING TO SEE THEM! So save yourself the time and embarrassment and do the research before you become the joke of the town telling people to exercise that body-part to see it. Or you can come find me and I’ll slap you and then give you the right advice.

Good luck everyone! Spread the word!

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Shitty Professionals

~ Shitty “Professionals” ~

I figure I should raise awareness about these so-called “professionals” in the fitness industry. Now I am no means a “professional”, nor do I really know how one becomes one, but I don’t bullshit or complicate things for people. I tell it how it is.

If someone who claims they are some sort of pro and gives you a piece of advice that you think is a little off…it probably is! Always google and do your research before applying to your life, it wont hurt to do a little research yourself and learn.

A lot of these guru’s think that because they have done a couple competitions, or even have a pro card, that they know everything. Truth is, most of these people even have their own trainers. You can always learn new things no matter how smart you think you are; unless you’re Layne Norton, in which he probably knows everything haha. But just because someone has a pro card doesn’t make them a professional in my book. Last I checked athletes that are pro’s got paid by the organization to compete….not you pay them. I could train and learn for 20 years and know everything I need to know to transform the human body without ever stepping on stage.

Moral of the story: Don’t believe everything you hear. Do your research and learn.

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Training Misconceptions

~Training Misconceptions~

Light weight, High rep muscle toning

Ok everyone, I have been asked this over and over again. “So if I’m prepping for a show or want to really define my muscles should I use higher reps, lower weight?”. My answer time and time again is NOOOOO! NOOO! GOD NO!

I don’t know where the idea of using light weight higher reps for toning muscle came from, but its absolute hogwash. If a trainer ever tells you to do this, ask for your money back immediately and find someone who knows what they’re talking about. I’m not saying that higher reps don’t have their place because they do, but never resort to only that. Higher reps (15-30) should only be performed on isolation movements at the end of your workouts after you have done some heavy straight sets; or every couple months or so do a higher rep workout to shock your system. These higher reps at the end of a heavy lifting session will fill that muscle with so much blood and cause expansion and micro-tears. Think about it like this; how do you get big muscles? You lift heavy weights right? So why would you stop lifting heavy to sculpt your muscles? All you will have done is shrink your muscles since they are not being challenged like they once were.

I see fitness competitors do this over and over again. It makes no sense. Want proof? Show me a video of Arnold Schwarzenegger or Ronnie Coleman doing extremely light weights before a show. You wont find one. I have watched videos of Coleman maxing out 800lb squats 4 weeks prior to The Mr. Olympia LLC. I’m not preaching that hardcore of training that close to a show because I wouldn’t risk injury, but you should still be doing 75% of your max leading up to a show. So please, dont let someone sell you on the idea that higher reps gives you bigger, fuller muscles because it’s myth.

Happy training!
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Food Buster #1

Food Busters!

I’m going to call this Food Busters! I am tired of all the horrible training and nutrition advice I see and hear being passed down from trainer to clients. The information that’s being passed along is so idiotic and untrue that these people should be hit with a tack hammer! So few days I will post a food buster and training

Food Buster #1

Eating every 2-3 hours does NOT increase metabolism and help you get gains faster. This my friends, is a myth. If you don’t believe me then Google it and find all the studies that prove it does nothing. It wasn’t until I started having 3 big meals a day that I started making gains in muscle while maintaining low body fat. I did the 6-8 meals a day for years and I have had more gains from the 3 big meals a day, along with a few shake meals a day as well. I do not consider the shakes as meals because they’re predigested meals.

Another thing people don’t realize is that when you eat every couple hours, you’re putting your digestion track through a lot of unnecessary work. And believe it or not, having your body work to digest so much so frequently is only taking precious energy that you could harness throughout the day for other activities.

One thing to remember is that all macros digest differently. As you may or may not know, protein takes more energy to breakdown than fat or carbohydrates thus making protein more thermogenic than others. Hence the reason why high protein diets have always been so popular! Hopefully you all will take this into thought! Please Google this so that you know this is not BS!

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Ab Annihilation :)

Hey everyone,


I’ve had a few inquiries about my ab routine. Let me first state this, Ab’s are made in the kitchen. Everyone has ab’s. How developed they are will come from training them. But seeing them is from what you eat.


First off, I absolutely love to switch up my workouts..especially ab’s since they like to adapt fairly quickly. I work my ab’s 2-3 times a week at a high intensity. I use ab routines kinda as my cardio.


Sample day for me would be this: All these performed in a giant set fashion




Hanging Leg Raises Controlled – 3-4 sets till failure


Rope Crunches- 3-4 sets till failure


Decline torso twists (sometimes weighted)- 3-4 sets 12 reps each side


Then I might finish with this:


Plank-3 sets till failure


Side Planks- 3 sets for 45 sec. each side


Thats just a sample day. I switch up a lot of exercises and sets but i always keep a fast pace. Sometimes i do one day upper ab’s then the next day lower abs. I might work the full spectrum of the abdominals or i might pick on certain areas. Anyone has any further questions feel free to ask! I would love to help anyone out!